Checklist: Changing your address when moving - Eugenie Eckler
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Checklist: Changing your address when moving

Checklist: Changing your address when moving

Being organized can go a long way in saving you unnecessary hassles after a move.  As soon as you have your firmed up possession date, you can start informing people about your new address.  See examples below of what may be applicable to you:

Canada Post

Your Employer

Schools, Daycare & Babysitter

Utility Companies

Financial Institutions & Credit Card Companies

Doctor, Dentist, Optician & other medical providers

Insurance Company (home & car)

Phone, Cellular Phone, Internet, Cable & Satellite company

Clubs, Library, Subscriptions, Service Organizations, Memberships & Reward programs

Ministry of Health

Canada Revenue Agency

Ministry of Transportation

Employment Insurance program 

Canada Pension Plan program and/or the Old Age Security program