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Aug 15 2019

Making The Most Of Your Open House

So you have decided with your Realtor to hold an open house. Now what? It will be up to me to announce, advertise and promote the open house to drive as much traffic as possible to your home. Family members, including the furry ones, should not be home...

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My 7 Tips to Prep Your Home for Sale

NEUTRALIZE COLOURS Neutral colours will allow buyers to project their own ideas onto a room. Think of your walls as a blank canvas for a buyer to turn it into the home they dream of. In many cases painting can bring the best return on...

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My 7 Tips for a Smoother Home Purchase

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS There is absolutely no sense in home shopping until you know what you can actually afford! Visit with a mortgage professional and get yourself pre-approved. Keep in mind the additional expenses that go along with home ownership such as property taxes,...

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Home Insurance

There has been growing concern in the real estate industry about the escalating cost and availability of property insurance.  REALTORS have provided anecdotal evidence that insurance companies have refused to insure homes that have been previously covered.  In other cases, companies have decided to raise...

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Checklist: Changing your address when moving

Being organized can go a long way in saving you unnecessary hassles after a move.  As soon as you have your firmed up possession date, you can start informing people about your new address.  See examples below of what may be applicable to you: Canada Post Your Employer Schools,...

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Get your home market ready

From the moment a buyer pulls up to your home, they have begun assessing whether it is the right place for them.  A great first impression is imperative as it only takes a few moments for a buyer to be turned off. Here are...

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Household Glossary

ABS — A type of black plastic pipe commonly used for waste water lines. Aggregate — Crushed rock or stone. Air chamber — A vertical, air filled pipe that prevents water hammer by absorbing pressure when water is shut off at a faucet or valve. Air-conditioner condenser —...

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